A life in time

Auteur(s) Haynes, Roy (Batterie)
Titre(s) A life in time : the Roy Haynes story / Roy Haynes, batt.
Editeur(s) S.l. : Sony BMG, P 2007.
Contient Ding dong. - Bouncin' with Bud Powell. - My little suede shoes. - Morpheus Miles Davis. - Down Miles Davis. - I know Sonny Rollins. - I'll walk alone Charlie Parker. - Shulie-a-bop. - Two brothers. - How light the moon. - Reflection. - Rhythm-a-ning. - Don't go to strangers. - On green dolphin street. - I'm late, i'm late. - Stolen moments. - Long waharf. - Snap crackle. - Esoteric. - After the rain. - Black fire. - Poppa Daddy and me. - Matrix. - Transfiguration. - Little peace in C for U. - Question and answer. - My favorite things. - James. - Equipoise. - After sunrise. - My heart belongs to Daddy. - Vistalite. - Water children. - Brown skin girl. - Greensleeves. - Hippidy hop. - Segment.
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