Nothing but the soul

Auteur(s) Thompson, Lucky (Saxophone (Alto, Baryton, Soprano, Ténor) ;Renaud, Henri (Piano) ;Solal, Martial (Piano) ;Sasson, Jean-Pierre (Guitare) ;Lafitte, Guy (Saxophone (Alto, Baryton, Soprano, Ténor) ;Berry, Emmett (Trompette Cornet Bugle) ;Rovère, Paul (Contrebasse) ;Quersin, Benoît (Contrebasse) ;Pochonet, Gérard "Dave" (Batterie) ;Paraboschi, Roger (Batterie)
Titre(s) Nothing but the soul / Lucky Thompson ; saxo ; Henri Renaud ; p; ; Martial Solal ; p. ; Jean-Pierre Sasson ; guit. ; Guy Lafitte ; saxo ; Emmett Berry ; trp ; Paul Rovère ; cb ; Benoît Quersin ; cb ; Gérard "Dave" Pochonet ; batt. ; Roger Paraboschi ; batt.
Editeur(s) S.l. : EMI, P 2002.
Collection(s) (Americans swinging in Paris).
Contient Thin ice. - A minor delight. - Takin' care'n business. - Sophisticated lady-these foolish things. - One cool night. - You are my dream. - Lucky strikes. - My love supreme. - Passin'time. - Nothin'but the soul. - Why weep ?. - To a mornin'sunrise. - You move, you lose. - Velvet rain. - One last goodbye. - Thin ice. - Takin'care'n business. - One cool night.
Indice(s) 1 THO
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